05 May, 2023 | 17:10

Bulgarian project nominated by the European Commission for а LIFE Programme Award for Environment Protection and Biodiversity Achievement

The European Commission (EC) announced this year’s LIFE Awards for achievements in nature protection, environment and climate. The “Nature Free of Invasive Alien Plants” project of the Information and Nature Conservation Foundation is one of the three projects in the field of nature and biodiversity that have been selected among all projects of the 27 EU Member States, which end in 2023.

The LIFE Programme Awards of the EC aim to focus the attention of the 450 000 people residing in the EU Member States towards the nature’s value and to draw their support to its protection.

Each year two awards are being granted to projects in the field of biodiversity and nature – one determined by a jury of experts, and one - by a vote of the general audience from all Member States.

The project supports the maintenance and the protection of four of the most valuable and endangered types of natural habitats in Bulgaria and Europe, which are located in three protected areas of the European ecological network NATURA 2000 in Central Bulgaria. The outcomes of its performance, marked highest by the LIFE Programme, also contribute to the limitation of alien species of plants invasive to the territory of the country.

You can learn more and support the nomination at https://invasiveplants.eu/nagrada-programa-life/

On the Facebook page of the project https://www.facebook.com/IASFreeHabitats you will see a video by the Foundation team, which presents the main reasons for this nomination and why it is worth it to be supported.