RCP Team

The implementation of the LIFE Programme on the regional level in Bulgaria is secured by six regional contact points (RCP), established with the regional inspectorates of environment and water (RIEW) in six district centers – the cities of Pleven, Blagoevgrad, Montana, Burgas, Ruse and Plovdiv.

Every RIEW consists of specially trained experts providing assistance and support to the programme applicants and beneficiaries on the local level and ensuring coordination with the NCP. More specifically the work of the RIEW involves:

  • Consultations to potential beneficiaries;
  • Organizing trainings and dissemination of information;
  • Agreement and coordination of the projects at regional and national levels;
  • Demarcation and distinction between projects at regional level;
  • Support for creating partnerships;
  • Assistance for gaining support for projects of potential beneficiaries;
  • Dissemination of information about forthcoming LIFE calls for proposals through local channels;
  • Provision of feedback from the potential beneficiaries regarding their priorities and training needs;