The project „CAPacity Building Technical Assistance to the BulGarian Ministry of Environment and Water for implementing the LIFE programme- LIFE 14 CAP/BG/000013(CAPTA BG) is aimed at:

  1. Widening the outreach of LIFE programme by enhancing the support for potential beneficiaries and applicants in the programme’s calls;
  2. Improving the capacity and creating a cost-effective but efficient organization of the LIFE Contact point in Bulgaria

The strategy in achieving the main project objectives, is based on the following principles:

  • Systematic analysis, streamlining and enhancing the beneficiary consultancy and support process (activities А.1-А.5)
  • Increasing the NCP capacity and creating a better equipped, interactive and spatially distributed focal point (activities А.5-A.7, A.9-А.11)
  • Enhancing the LIFE policy integration, multiplication of project results, and coordination between funding sources (activity A.9)
  • Creating of tools for monitoring of the factors influencing LIFE absorption rate (activities A.1, B.1-B.3)