1. Implementation actions

A.1 - Focus group analysis of beneficiary capacity and bottlenecks

A.2 - Beneficiary trainings prior to each call

A.3 - Beneficiary coaching and support on horizontal issues

A.4 - Beneficiary capacity building guide     

A.5 - Beneficiary matchmaking support       

A.6 - Interactive website for conducting webinars, remote support and helpdesk   

A.7 - Exchanges facilitating LIFE results transfer and valuation, NCP capacity and

communication with  best performing Member states          

Removed reflecting request 1 of the Points for clarification during revision

 A.9 - Improved policy-driven planning of funding sources, incl. LIFE      

A.10 - NCP capacity gap analysis and organizational streamlining  

А.11 - NCP  staff training, incl. train-the-trainer                   

А.12 - Translation/interpretation support and auxiliary services to NCP 



  1. Monitoring of the impact of the project actions

B.1 - Evaluation of focus group analysis and check-list on absorption capacity      

B.2 - Project-end evaluation of absorption capacity using the checklist       


  1. Actions for communication and for dissemination

C.1      Media campaign for LIFE funding opportunities and NCP support 

C.2      Publicity materials and giveaways