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Organization Обединено Дрон Общество
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  • Nature and Biodiversity
  • Environment and Resource Efficiency
  • Environmental Governance and Information
  • Climate Change Adaptation
  • Climate Governance and Information
  • Integrated Projects
  • Climate Change Mitigation
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  • environment
  • birds
  • air
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Private non-commercial (including NGOs)
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United Drone Community Association is a Bulgarian non-profit organization that aims to achieve safe integration and efficient operation of unmanned aircraft systems (drones) in the airspace. We emphasize on security, safety, environment and privacy. In order to achieve our goals, we think it is important to create conditions for a broad dialogue between the administration, academic, expert, legal and business circles. Our core values and driving force are sharing experience and willingness for mutual assistance. We are professionals from different fields and our joint work helps to develop a holistic approach to achieving the organization's goals. We organize and create educational articles, workshops, lectures and demonstrations, as well as analyze the legal, technical, aviation and ethical aspects and develop strategies to promote the use of drones and educate society. The slogan of The United Drone Community is “Together in the sky” and it shows our passion and dedication to achieve the safe integration of drones and their safe adaptation to other aircraft.
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Обединено Дрон Общество

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