Exchange experience in Denmark

04 Apr, 2018 | 14:51

A study visit under LIFE14 CAP/BG/000013-CAPTA BG project was held in March to increase the capacity of the experts responsible for managing the LIFE program in Bulgaria.

During the visit, Denmark presented its vision on integrated solutions for sustainable development in the fields of energy, climate and the environment.

NCP-Denmark presented all aspects of the implementation of the LIFE program on its territory. There are two responsible Ministries - the Ministry of Environment and Food (through the Environmental Protection Agency) – National Contact Point for LIFE “Environment” Sub-Program, and the Ministry of Climate, Energy and Buildings - National Contact Point under the LIFE “Climate Action” sub-program. These units support the beneficiaries in developing projects in four groups - nature; environment; adaptation to climate change and mitigation of climate change. The methodical support consists in organizing information days, seminars and telephone consultations. So far, 95 projects have been co-funded under LIFE.

Ongoing LIFE projects related to Integrated Water Management and Adaptation to Climate Change along River Sectors were also visited; implementation of municipal plans for Adaptation To Climate Change; the nature management as a separate branch of agriculture; restoration and maintenance of favorable conservation status of the marshes - valuable habitats of species.